Youth Hostel of Metz

Terms and Conditions

1 - Separated lodging for girls and boys, fill in the 'Message' field as follow : Number of boys : ..., Number of girls : ..., Number of guides (male) : ..., Number of guides (female) : ..., Number of drivers : ...

2- To confirm, please, send us a payment. Our services will communicatethe amount to you, in accordance with the decree law governing the terms and conditions of the travel's services, stays and lodging (law of July 1992) .
* For the private individuals, the payment must be carried out by the in line system of payment (by credit card) at your disposal on this web site.
* For the groups, please consult us.

3 - Private individuals and groups will be received and registered the day of the arrival between 5:00pm and 8:00pm.

4 - The person in charge for the group will pay the final bill whereupon for the amount established at the time of the reservation.

5 - Nonthe respect of the clauses defining the conditions of sale releases the direction of all its contractual obligations.

Reservation cancellation

The direction reserves the right to cancel your reservation if the manpower of the group is lower than 30% of the initial figure.
Without response from your share to the date indicated, your reservation will be cancelled automatically without recall.


The down payments are not refundable except for error of our share.
The reserved services will be completely invoiced for cancellations intervening in the 12 days preceding the arrival by the group.

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